Artist Statement

As an artist I do sculpturing, painting, and drawing, but I love to explore more about different art mediums. My style of art seems to play more playful.

With my art as a sculptor I design glass bottles, I make sculptures out of clay such as animals, I make sculptures where you can hang it on the wall, and I make jewelry. I also make sculptures out of cardboard. I make my art sculptures by using clay, wood, metal, cardboard, bottles, jars, tools, glues, beads, and string. 


With my art as a painter I paint nature, animals, and shapes (patterns, lines, colors, and abstract work). I use acrylic paints when I make my paintings on canvas, wood, and cardboard. With my art as a drawer I like to draw my own cartoons, especially draw buildings, portraits, and nature. I use pencils, color pencils, crayons, and markers whenever I draw on different kinds of paper. 

With my art as a sculptor, a painter, and a drawer, I have been making a lot of animals in their original colors, in different colors, and especially in cartoon form when they are wearing clothes.